8:15 - 8:45AM

Doors open & Breakfast

8:45 - 9:00AM



Valerie Hughes-D'Aeth

Building a BBC Culture: What our Employees Wanted Through Cultural Transformation


James Thornett

Building a World-class Digital Team in your Company

Learn how to recruit, organise and lead a high-performing digital team that will transform the ability of your organisation to deliver world-class products:

Hear real-world examples that you can utilise to better understand:

  • Where to start if all of your tech expertise is currently outsourced or offshore
  • How to ensure your digital team are embraced by the existing business
  • Ensuring the digital team are commercially focussed and provide a return on your investment
  • How to scale up and grow your in-house digital capability



No Stopping the Start-Up: Using Technology for Good

This panel will consist of 3 co-founders from technology organisations which have a true purpose at the heart of it:

  • Jamie Crummie (CEO at Too Good to Go)
  • Lindsey Noakes (Co-Founder at Gather)
  • Seb Barker (Co-Founder & COO at Beam)
In the modern world of world, all organisations want their employees to truly buy into the purpose of their culture. Hear from 3 people who will touch on the following points:
  1. What role have ethics played in the digital world?
  2. How importance is the employee experience now in terms of culture & purpose?
  3. How important is empowering people (internally & externally) through the use of tech for social benefit?
  4. How can larger organisations compete against start-ups with their offerings?
  5. What benefits do you believe a purpose over/for profit brings to an organisation?



Is it Inevitable that Transformation Programmes Lose Momentum?

This panel-led discussion will look at the way of making transformation programmes stick and will follow 3 key talking points:

How do you ensure a new programme will deliver long term value to a business and its stakeholders?

How can we maintain a focus on value throughout the transformation journey?

How can we ensure continued value after the transformation is completed?

The 4 panelists will be:

  • Ian Jones - Director of Business Transformation at The Royal Mail
  • Emer Wynne - Exec Managing Director at The Emergent Organisation
  • Ashley Braganza - Professor of Organisational Transformation at Brunel University
  • Chris Barrett - Founder at Stockton Heath Consulting





Sir Ed Davey

Uncertainty: The Impact on Businesses & Politics


Andrew Fox

Evil Walks: Conscious Capitalism


Keith Pritchard

Readying our People for the Future in a VUCA World

Keith Pritchard will present Cyient’s journey of how they have transformed and adapted to the 4th industrial revolution, how they have build a strategy to manage change and finally, how they are working to build culture change



Bruce Daisley

The Joy of Work

Are lunch breaks for wimps, or do they actually make us more productive? Is it true that you can improve team performance simply by moving the location of the kettle or coffee machine? Why are meetings so often a waste of time, and how can they be fixed? And what are Monk Mode Mornings and Hack Weeks, and why do people swear by them?





EIL Digest

6 'Ted-style' Digest sessions

  • Communicating with a diverse, deskless workforce - Bob Cotton OBE (Former Chief Executive of BHA) - Brought to you by Eko App
  • One size doesn’t fit all; the importance of being people centred in today’s workplace  - Anna Rasmussen (CEO and Founder at OpenBlend)
  • The 4C's: Lessons from history and the art of the possible - Gerry Hill (Chief Revenue Officer at
  • Intelligent Disobedience: Transformation Leadership Lessons from how we train our Guide Dogs - Guy Butler (Transformation & Strategy Executive at Guide Dogs)
  • Leading through uncertainty – applying one rule and three questions - Rob Cross (Founder at Muru Leadership)
  • The Spectrums of Leadership - Roderic Yapp (Director at Leadership Forces)



Transformation: Bridging the gap between human and digital

This panel session will look at the some of the key challenges that organisations face when going through a digital transformation and how you bring your people along with you on the journey.

The panel will consist of 4 experts:

  • Suzie Lewis - Managing Director at Transform for Value
  • Sam Rope - Group HR Director at Wilson James Group
  • Harvey Neve - Head of Digital Products and Transformation at Public Health England
  • Tom Bryant - MD & Founder at TFB Consulting

Some of the topics of discussion will be around:

  1. What does digital transformation truly mean?
  2. How important is culture as to how companies embrace technologies?
  3. What is the role of data in understanding mindsets?
  4. How can technology bring people together? What role does leadership play once technology is introduced?
  5. Is agile the solution? EI vs AI?
  6. Evolution vs revolutionary change?
  7. What is more difficult, transformation for customers or transformation for employees?
  8. How can you get the communications engine to be at the centre of the transformation?



Thomas Davies

The Role of the People and Culture in Transforming Organisations

Thomas Davies has a passion for helping organisations use technology to drive cultural change and develop a sustainable strategy for future success.

In his 10 years at Google, Thomas led the UK&I Cloud business as Country Manager, then became Director of Northern, Eastern & Central Europe, before leading the Global Partnerships team.

He set up Temporall as a result of being intrigued by the culture of Google and began to investigate and subsequently define what high-performance culture really meant, and how to measure it.





Will Cook

Repurposing yourself, your team, your business & drugs

Will Cook is CEO at The Cure Parkinson's Trust, the EiL's charity partner.

Will will talk about the radical change their organisation has gone through over the past year and some of the challenges. He will also talk about a very unique purpose to their organisation, in which the business model is to make their business and roles redundant, through curing Parkinson's disease.



Aaron Alburey

The Power of Digital Leadership - The Role of HR

3.45pm - 4:15pm

Barbara Ovenden

The Engagement Journey at HCA

Barbara is the employee engagement lead for HCA Healthcare UK, a division of HCA (Hospital Corporation of America), the world’s largest private hospital group, with over 28 million patient encounters each year. In her role Barbara is a member of the Executive Council for Employee Engagement for HCA Healthcare globally, designing the survey strategy and implementation for 270,000 colleagues in the UK and America. In addition to employee engagement, Barbara is also responsible for colleague communication, leadership capability development and talent management at HCA UK. This remit brings together her passions for building the confidence, capability and engagement of colleagues and leaders, and linking colleague performance and engagement to the delivery of exceptional care to the patients that HCA serve. Prior to HCA UK Barbara held a number of operational and HR roles in national retail organisations.

8:55 - 9:00AM


Welcome from our Kelvin Lecture Theatre host, Jeff Wellstead (Head of People at ONI)



Kim Wylie

Building a Digital Mindset/Culture


Nick Ulycz

Can Purpose solve the Productivity Puzzle?

Nick will look at how HR can help solve the productivity crisis which is hurting the UK economy.

Nick challenges the role of leadership during times of change and how providing a sense of purpose alongside the change will help people buy-in to your end goal.



Is Technology the New Employee Engagement?

A recent study on employee engagement (from ADP Research Institute: Hayes, Chumney, Wright & Buckingham, 2019) found that an unbelievable 84% of workers globally are merely "coming to work", and are predominantly 'coasting' through their working lives

This expert panel session will look at the task of employee engagement and what role technology plays in this. Discussion will be from:

  • Nicole Reading - Global Internal Communications Director
  • Kehinde Oluwo - EMEA Head of Talent and Global Performance Management Leader at FIS
  • Nick Henley - Engagement Psychologist at The Difference
  • Helen Baxter - Global Head of Talent Management at IQEQ

Topics discussed will be around the following:

  1. What is the different between employee engagement and employee experience? Drivers of employee engagement?
  2. Where should employee engagement sit in the organisation?
    1. Should HR own employee engagement or is it individual teams?
    2. Should it be ‘leader led’?
  3. How do you ask your employees what they really want? How can data play a role?
  4. How has social media impacted social engagement within the workplace?
  5. If we know about the benefits (learning, collaboration, remote, honest feedback) that technology can bring about to aid employee engagement…what are the negatives? How important is the human touch?



Syreeta Brown

Driving a Talent Agenda - Leveraging Technology


Transparency, Automation, AI & Aggregation

This expert led panel session will follow some of the journeys that people have taken within their organisations when it comes to RPA, AI, Automation and the transparency challenges that all of them bring.

The session will involve:

  • Rob McCargow - Director of AI at PWC
  • David Kavanagh - Founding CTO at Purplebricks
  • Maria Jacobssen - Head of PLM Devops at Ericsson
  • Wei Li - RPA/AI/Finance Transformation at Generation CFO

Key topics that will be discussed will be around:

  1. As skills are the new competitive currency, what role can technology (such as AI) play in helping bridge the skills divide?
  2. Where else can automation play a huge impact?
  3. What is preventing organisations from using AI to enhance their current capabilities?
  4. How do you go about choosing the best technology for your organization?
  5. What are some of the challenges of trying to embed technology across an organization?
  6. How important is communications for organisations as they look to implement new technology that people may perceive as disruptive?
  7. How can you avoid analysis paralysis?





Daniel Goldstein

The Future of Talent Acquisition

Daniel Goldstein is the founder and CEO of Elements Talent Consultancy. He founded the business in 2009 and first piloted the concept of Embedded Talent Consultancy 6 years later.

He is a passionate advocate of the true value of excellent talent acquisition professionals and is on a mission to change perceptions of an industry which has traditionally been characterised by low standards and a consequent lack of trust.



Rafael Fernandez

Org Planning and Analysis in Disruptive Times

Disruption today is constant, and organizations must adapt faster, better and stronger to survive. Change, however, can be cumbersome and the benefits often unrealized. Against this backdrop, OD has evolved. OD needs to enhance workforce productivity and effectiveness to deliver strategy. OD needs to leverage data to proactively identify opportunities, and guide design decisions. In this session we introduce Org Planning and Analysis (OP&A): a new model for OD that’s making waves. As a natural partner to FP&A in Finance, this is capability in forecasting and planning that connects the organization to ever-changing business needs.



Yetunde Hofmann

Still Standing: Being an Instrument of Change

Yetunde will reach from her successful career as an HR Leader in FTSE 100 global companies including Imperial Brands, Unilever, Allied Domecq and Northern Foods.

She is a Non-Executive Director on the global board of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) and is a member of their Audit Committee and Nominations Committee.

In 2018 she was named one of the top 100 women in the UK to watch by the Cranfield University Female FTSE Board Report.



The Impact of Change Management on Successful User Adoption

As organisations look to implement new software or processes into their organisation, the first challenge is normally the adoption piece of their employees.

This panel session will be led by expert transformation professionals who will discuss the importance of change management as a organisation is looking to succeed in their user adoption challenges:

  • Ketan Patel - UK Operations Director at Change Management Institute
  • Ben Hutchinson - Head of Business Change at Thales
  • Adam Hembury - Transformation Director at Gunbury Limited

Topics that will be touched on include:

  • What should be step 1?
  • Where should communications sit within change management? Can change happen without an engaged sponsor? How can you communicate a sense of urgency?
  • How do you measure the monetary value of change management? Is success the value added?
  • Can you prove the overall value of change management to a business?
  • How can you ensure lasting change and what processes can be put in place to manage this?
  • How do we manage user adoption of software today and why is it not sustainable?





Oliver Anderson

Professor Peter Saville

Psychology and data science to drive business gains

Professor Peter Saville is the world’s leading authority on psychometric measurement and is widely acknowledged as the ‘Assessment Guru’. He is the founder of 10x Psychology, the third business that he has launched in this field. This informative session will provide a unique opportunity to hear Peter talk about the impact that his solutions have had on business performance over the last 50 years, across geography, industry, and role. He will share his insights into how his work has helped organisations to achieve strategic goals through identifying the characteristics of outstanding individual contribution.

Peter will be joined on stage by Oliver Anderson, Chief Product Officer from 10x Psychology. Peter and Oliver will also showcase recent work that the 10x Psychology team have delivered that demonstrates the business impact that can be achieved through marginal gains in employee performance.



Nadine Thomson

Leading from the other side: Are you ready to become the next generation NED?

The board room is changing. Women, technologists and people leaders are joining boards as Non-Executive Director bringing diverse perspectives whilst gaining experience to propel their exec careers forward. We will hear the stories of three impressive female leaders who have navigated the Non-Exec journey to the boardroom. It will provide you with insight into what the Non-Exec role is, how you can get your first Non-Exec role and the skill sets you already possess to be a success, as well as looking at how the NED can influence and support leadership in an organisation during periods of change and uncertainty.

The panel will be chaired by Nadine Thomson and will consist of 3 established NED's:

  • Jo Binding
  • Tracy Westall
  • Yetunde Hofmann



Kathryn Bishop

Nespresso Professional Workplace Futures: We identify the trends that will shape the workplace over the next decade

Introduced by Jean-Baptiste Coutant, Head of B2B at Nespresso Professional.



Nigel Guenole

What does good AI look like?

In this session, Nigel will discuss IBM's perspective for AI in the context of Human Resources; using examples from IBM's own digital transformation of HR, where AI is a centerpiece, he will highlight areas of rapid ROI from the use of AI in talent acquisition and learning with emphasis on technology that truly achieves business outcomes.

Nigel will also lead a discussion on the ethics of using AI in HR, and how AI strategies should be guided by the organisation's values, principles and purpose; referencing IBM's own journey on how it has used behavioral science principles and practices built into the design process to operationalise AI solutions in HR.

To close Nigel will lead the group in a discussion on how AI helps to minimise the effect of human biases in our HR decision making, and can ultimately lead to accurate, faster data driven outcomes, that augment HR teams' effectiveness and ultimately benefits the applicant and employee experience.



Paul Lomas

Creating Certainty in Uncertain Times

Uncertainty is our (business) friend as clients look for stability and support in the face of challenging market conditions. Our challenge is how do we deliver the certainty of stability and support when we ourselves are subject to the same disruptive elements; Digitisation & Technology, Funding, Regulation, Political/Economic/Societal/Employment

However, rather than focus on managing uncertainty, let’s flip 180 degrees and ask a different question, How do we negate the impact of uncertainty and focus on what we know, creating certainty for our colleagues, clients and contribution?




Amanda Cusdin

The Changing Face of HR

Just as personnel shifted to HR in the 1980’s, it is now evolving into a ‘People’ function. Sage's research uncovers insights from 500+ HR leaders on how they’re dealing with these changes – and how they’re using technology to get ahead.



Diversity, Inclusion, Mental Health & Ethics

This panel session will be led by the following experts:

  • Asif Sadiq - Head of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging at The Telegraph
  • Martin Kirke - Coach, Non-Exec Director, Consultant on HR & Change
  • Sinead Daly - Diversity and Inclusion Specialist at Revolut
  • Mirav Vyas - Founder at tweek

The session will cover some of the key challenges that organisations are facing when looking to build a diverse & inclusive organisation, which has a strong purpose and engages their employees to be aware of their own mental health.

Topics that will be covered, include:

  1. What are some of the opportunities & challenges that technology presents to reduce bias in HR?
  2. Why should organisations aspire to have a Compassionate, ethical & authentic organization?
  3. Is there a business imperative to be inclusive? Does it enhance performance?
  4. How important is it for organisations to understand and achieve success through early implementation of diverse, inclusive and mental health awareness processes in development stages?
  5. How do organisations who are rapidly scaling and potentially more sales led, ensure all of the key components are at the forefront of thinking?
  6. How can we start thinking differently about inclusion? Such as positive neurodiversity hiring?



Jon Warwick

Owning Diversity...when being an inclusive employer isn’t enough

Sainsbury’s Group Head of Recruitment, Jon Warwick, oversees over 70,000 hires a year across multiple brands in one of the UK’s best-known Retailers.

‘Inclusion is something that is truly baked-in to everything we do at Sainsbury’s, and having worked in a number of other organisations it was clear how authentic and appreciated by all colleagues the approach was.  However it was soon obvious that doing the right thing was not always enough, and our recruitment processes and decisions were still having an adverse impact and blocking our progress. This talk looks at how we have started to unlock potential and make even more inclusive hiring decisions, including some of the trails, mistakes, learnings and changes we have made along the way’


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